Teach About Voting Rights with Democracy Class from Rock the Vote

Man holding a sign that says, "Register Early to Vote." Teach voting rights.

Rock the Vote is nothing new. They’ve been around since the 1990’s trying to get people out to vote and to exercise their voting rights. But in the last few years, they’ve tried something new. They created a program called “Democracy Class,” and they partnered with organizations across the country to teach lessons in schools […]

Weekly News Roundup

This Week in Civics: An NEA Spotlight, New Laws in Colorado and Illinois

The word "Teach" spelled out in blocks. Read about three teachers teaching civics.

Every week, I like to take a moment to highlight stories about civics education from around the country (and sometimes the world). So here’s a quick round up from the first week in September. There’s a great article from the National Education Association in their magazine, NEA Today, highlighting the efforts of three civics educators. […]


15 Persuasive Essay Topics About Controversial Issues

Hand writing in a book on a persuasive essay topic, and a cup of coffee in the background.

Controversial issues can be a great way to get your students engaged, and they also make perfect persuasive essay topics. Whether your goal is to explore the controversial issue itself or to teach the mechanics of persuasive writing, controversial issues and persuasive essays go hand in hand. In order to write a good persuasive essay, […]