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This Week in Civics: An Illinois Classroom and Teaching Impeachment

A chess Board with the white king down. American democracy isn't like chess, it's a game without end.

I have a Google alert set for “civics education,” and every week I like to take some time to review and reflect on a few of the more interesting stories that come through my inbox. This week, there’s an interesting story from Illinois about some civics and social studies teachers trying to teach civil discourse. […]


How to Teach Gerrymandering with Mapmaker the Game

Close up shot of Mapmaker: the Gerrymandering Game, a great tool for teaching gerrymandering.

Gerrymandering is a complex and abstract topic, but it is extremely relevant if you’re learning about government and politics today. Thankfully, there are some great resources out there to help you teach gerrymandering, like Mapmaker: the Gerrymandering Game. Mapmaker: the Gerrymandering Game is great strategy game, and it’s based on the concepts involved in gerrymandering. […]

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Book Review: Flunking Democracy – A Fresh Perspective on Fixing Civics

A cartoonish picture of a judge with the scales of justice behind him. In Flunking Democracy, Michael Rebell argues that courts can force states to fix civics education.

In Flunking Democracy: Schools, Courts, and Civics Education, Michael Rebell presents a novel approach to fix civics education in America – a lawsuit. Michael Rebell is a professor at Teachers College, Columbia University. He is also an experienced litigator who has brought lawsuits on equity in education. The book is the product of a seminar […]

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