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Weekly News Roundup

This Week in Civics: Should Voting Be Required?

Rand Paul at the Voting Booth. Should voting be required?

Every week, I take a moment to look back over news and op-eds related to civics education to see what’s going on around the country (and sometimes the world). Let’s dive in and see what’s going on. Should Voting Be Required? The Times of Trenton published an editorial titled, “To protect democracy, every adult in […]


What Are YAC’s? Youth Advisory Council Offers Civic Engagement Opportunities

Members of the MYAC standing with members of the Maryland legislature, along with a label asking, "Does your State Have a LYAC?"

There was one thing in particular in last week’s civic education news round-up that caught my eye: the New Hampshire Legislative Youth Advisory Council and it’s youth forum. What exactly is this legislative youth advisory council, and are there more like it? I’ve heard of local youth advisory committees and youth mayors. A few weeks […]