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Weekly News Roundup

This Week in Civics: Debate Rages in Nebraska and a Youth Forum in NH

Group of tenants protest conditions in their housing

Each week, I like to look back on news related to civics education and highlight some of the more interesting and timely articles from around the country. This week, it seems like a lot of the news revolves around what’s going on in Nebraska with their State Board of Education, but there’s also an interesting […]


Nebraska is Prioritizing and Defining “Civic Readiness”

Group of people protesting with their fists in the air. Image is tight so you don't see any faces or details.

In an age of college and career readiness, Nebraska is making a move to prioritize “civic readiness.” I mentioned in previous weekly news recaps here and here┬áthat the Nebraska State Board of Education was debating a definition of civic readiness. This followed on its decision to include it as a prominent feature in its strategic […]