24 Great Movies About Government and Politics

Lincoln is one of the greatest government movies.

If you’re a political junky like me, then there’s probably nothing you enjoy more than good movies about government and American politics. It doesn’t matter if it’s based on a true story or fictional. The machinations of government, the thrill of a campaign, and the personalities of politics just make for great movies. Some of […]

Weekly News Roundup

This Week in Civics: A Debate Rages in Nebraska Legislature

The silhouette of a soldier salutes a large American flag as other silhouetted soldiers look on.

Every week, I like to take a minute to look back on what’s happening around the country in civics education. So here’s a quick round up of news articles from this last week of February. The biggest news is a debate raging in the Nebraska legislature. There are also legislative proposals in the Minnesota legislature […]


12 Paulo Freire Quotes About Education, Civics, and Pedagogy

A cup of coffee and a Paulo Freire quote, "The educator has a duty to not be neutral."

Paulo Freire was a Brazilian educator with some pretty radical ideas about education and its role in creating better societies. To Freire, education was a revolutionary act. His most famous work is the book Pedagogy of the Oppressed. He discussed his practice of literacy education in Brazil. Through his service as the director of adult […]

Professional Development

Apply to Attend a 2019 NEH Summer Seminar and Institute

Woman leading a discussion at a seminar with several other participants, writing ideas on chart paper.

With snow in the forecast for this week, you might not be thinking about summer. However, if you want to take part in some top rate professional development in the summer months, now is the time to be looking. The National Endowment of the Humanities (NEH) Summer Seminars and Institutes are amazing professional development opportunities […]