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Civic Spotlight

Civic Spotlight: Teaching Political Engagement Inside and Outside the Classroom

Picture of the Eagleton Institute of Politics and the CYPP Logo with "Revolutionary" in front.

This week’s civic educator spotlight is written by Elizabeth Matto, a professor at Rutgers University. Do you have a story to tell? We’d love to hear it – so head over to the submission guidelines and drop me a line. Civic engagement education doesn’t end with high school graduation. In fact, the college campus serves […]


National Voter Registration Day: Do Your Part to Increase Participation This Year

Two pairs of hands, with the one on the left filling out a voter registration form.

Did you know that New Jersey law requires that schools help students register to vote? Well, not exactly. To be more specific, New Jersey Administrative Code 6A:32-14.1 does state … District boards of education […] shall provide to each eligible high school student prior to the school year’s graduation date a voter registration form, a […]