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Learn to Use C-SPAN in the Classroom at NJEA’s Early Career Educator Conference

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Due to circumstances beyond my control, the NJEA Early Career Educator Conference has been canceled. Therefore, my session on C-SPAN has also unfortunately been canceled. However, I am presenting a similar session at the NJEA Convention in Atlantic City on Friday, November 10 at 1pm in Room 320. Information about the convention, including hotel accomodations as low as $59 is available on the website here

C-SPAN offers a ton of resources for incorporating civics into your class. You can learn about two of those resources in a couple of weeks at NJEA’s Early Career Educator Conference.

These days, it’s unlikely that you have a functional TV in your classroom. The actual C-SPAN channel is probably not going to help you all that much. But on C-SPAN’s website, you can access their video archive which contains every video they’ve aired over the last decade or two. This includes a ton of primary source material as well as programs in which experts discuss current policy issues.

NJEA’s Early Career Educator Conference

On September 23, I’ll be presenting a workshop on using C-SPAN in the classroom at NJEA’s Early Career Educator Conference. In the workshop you’ll learn about resources available on the C-SPAN Classroom website. You’ll also experience one of their controversial issue lessons from their Classroom Deliberations website. After participating in the workshop, you’ll learn where to find resources on one of C-SPAN’s websites, how to search the video archive to create your own video clips, and how to implement one of C-SPAN’s prepared controversial issue lesson plans.

Logo for C-SPAN Classroom

The conference is free and open to NJEA members who are early career educators. The target audience is people who have taught for five years or less, but if you consider yourself “early career” you qualify. It’s from 8am to 3pm in Teaneck, NJ. Breakfast and lunch will be provided, and you’ll receive professional development certificates for two different workshops.

In order to attend, you must register on NJEA’s website. You can log in using either the PIN from your NJEA membership card or the e-mail you used when you joined, and your default password is the last four digits of your social security number.

Join NJEA’s Early Career Member Network!

While you’re at it, you should also go to NJEA’s Early Career Network website and join the Early Career Network. You’ll get updates on other NJEA events for early career members, including an exclusive party at Haven nightclub during the NJEA Convention in Atlantic City.

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