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How to Use a Mock Congressional Hearing In Your Social Studies Class

Video still of a Congressional hearing on North Korean nuclear weapons, a good example of a culminating activity for a Classroom Deliberations

A mock Congressional hearing is a form of experiential learning. It is a great summative activity for a social studies class that has learned about a controversial issue in public policy. This could be used in conjunction with current events, and it could also be used to assess student understanding of controversial issues in history. […]

Professional Development

Free Workshop on C-SPAN Classroom Deliberations at the NJEA Convention

Electoral college map of 2016 and previous elections by C-SPAN's Education Department

Interested in learning more about using C-SPAN’s Classroom Deliberations in your class? Then you’re in luck. I’m presenting a session on C-SPAN and Classroom Deliberations at the NJEA Convention this year. This is the third time we’ve offered this PD workshop at the convention, and the participants always seem to enjoy it. What Are C-SPAN […]


How Illinois Revised Its Civics Ed Requirements

Throughout the country, legislators are struggling to figure out how to improve civics education. Many people agree on the goal. They just don’t agree on the methods. In some cases, legislators have pursued misguided attempts to implement the citizenship test as a graduation requirement. This won’t do much, other than adding another barrier to graduation […]


Teaching Controversial Issues with C-SPAN’s Classroom Deliberations

Two men sitting in chairs facing each others and talking in a deliberative fashion.

If you want to teach a controversial issue, the hardest part is putting together balanced set of resources. That’s the great thing about C-SPAN’s Classroom Deliberations – they do the hard work for you. C-SPAN’s Classroom Deliberations are in depth lesson plans centered around current, controversial issues in public policy. They bring together resources from […]


What Is Project Citizen and How Does It Relate to Civics?

Picture of the cover of the Project Citizen brochure

Project Citizen is a¬†project-based learning program created by the Center for Civic Education. It teaches students about public policy. It does so by leading them through the process of researching a problem and developing a proposal for the government to address that problem. The program is based on a textbook developed by the Center for […]